The Movement Towards Stronger Health

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About SHF

The Mission of Stronger Health Fitness

To encourage, motivate and support healthy behavior patterns that promote Stronger Health and Fitness.

Stronger Health Fitness is a MOVEMENT

This is not a workout program. We want to ensure health and fitness is made accessible to all, irrespective of race, class, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We believe everyone is born with the right to live a happy, healthy life.

Bridging the Gap

Stronger Health Fitness is a bridge between the individual at home desiring to make healthy changes to their life and the primary care system. For example, our Nurses and Dietitians will work with your provider to order vital health information such as your lab work so we can design a Health and Fitness program specifically tailored to meet your needs.


Too many times we have seen health care professionals in hospitals and clinics who look as if they need to get into shape themselves. Our Health and Fitness professionals practice what they preach. Our personal trainers are in outstanding physical condition. Our certified nutritionist live a life committed to eating well. Our life coaches are committed to a life of transformation. Our nurses advocate in their own lives to promote lifestyle modification.


This is where most of us get stuck. How do we remain consistent from the beginning of a program all the way through to the end and maintain those results through the remainder of our lives? It all begins with sitting down with a Life Coach and letting them help you assess,identify and create strategies to remove those barriers you anticipate will keep you from being successful in your program. How can you expect to hold someone else accountable for their actions if you do not hold yourself to the same?


How many times have you been to your local gym or clinic only to have your experience interrupted by someone with an attitude at the front desk? First impressions are everything. Professionalism means doing what must be done especially when you do not feel like it. At Stronger Health Fitness, we are client-focused and that is why we deliver Health and Fitness to your location and work around your schedule.That is how much we care about your Health.


Perhaps the biggest challenge today with the coordinated care plans at your local hospital is just that-coordination.Unlike hospitals and clinics that have multiple complex systems, our integrated and coordinated approach is a system unto itself and our services are “all under-one-roof”. Our health and fitness professionals are mobile, working together to meet your needs