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Personal Training

It is important for trainers and nutritionist to have the complete picture of what is happening inside of your body prior to the beginning of any exercise program. Our personal trainers work off of the same medical information that our nurses, nutritionist and life coaches do. We design our exercise programs based off the recommendations we receive from our nurses and our nutritionist. We also track you every week to see what improvements are or are not being made. Without this information everything is simply trial and error and who wants to waste their money on that. A Stronger Health Fitness Personal Trainer will take the time to design, schedule, research and prepare a program that’s right for you then deliver that plan in your home, recreation center of personal gym.

Our fitness coaches are highly trained professionals with nationally recognized certifications and extensive backgrounds in how the body works. We know that no two people are the same so it is our promise to provide coaches with the knowledge and expertise to learn what your body will respond to.

Work with us and get paired with a coach that is there to listen to your concerns, focus on your growth and deliver realistic results based on you as an individual.


Personal Training Services include:

  •    Initial (20) Minute Intake evaluation conducted over the phone
  •    (60) Minute Personal Training Sessions conducted at one of our (4) Manhattan GYM locations or can be easily scheduled at your home, office or at a gym location near you.

You will receive:

  •    E.P Personalized Exercise Prescription
  •    Total Body Functional Profile: Lunge, Hop, Step, Jump, Excursion Balance, Flexibility, Stability
  •    Cardiovascular/Anaerobic Weight Loss Management Assessment
  •    Energy Supply/Energy Depletion: Weight Loss Management Assessment
  •    Upper Body Muscle Recruitment Strength Training for Body Sculpting; Toning; Hypertrophy
  •    Lower Body Muscle Recruitment Strength Training for Body Sculpting; Toning; Hypertrophy
  •    GAIT’ & Postural Analysis Assessment (optional)
  •    Corrective Exercise Assessment