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Life Coaching

Just like understanding what is going on inside of your body before beginning any exercise program. It is also important to assess what is going on in your life at the start of any program. In fact, this is where most inconsistencies come from.  And just like understanding what your medical report says, it is even more critical to to be able quickly manage those things that throw off your diet, which is why you have weekly dietary consultations with your nutritionist, cause you to not make personal training appointments and even avoid taking your medications.

A Stronger health Fitness Life Coach is trained to help you identify these barriers at the onset of your program, anticipate barriers that have not yet arisen, set goals and develop strategies on how to cope with these issues so they do not interfere with your progress.

Prior to starting your program, you will conduct:

  • Initial Intake evaluation conducted over the phone
  • In – person or telephonic life coaching session
  • Identifying Needs Assessment
  • Interpersonal Influences Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategies & Implementation
  • Weekly Follow – Up Evaluation & Monitoring