Matthew Gines

True Passion for cultivating real change in people’s health, self-esteem and lifestyle, building relationships, connecting with human beings and performing challenging work and management on all levels. Fifteen years of experience working with the general public and assisting them with product use and education seminars as well as health and wellness trade shows.


M.S. Human Nutrition-University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT B.S. Business Management SUNY, New Platz

NCCA Accredited Certifications

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certified 2013 Precision Nutrition Exercise Nutrition Certificate PN Certified Nutrition Specialist Credential (Completed 1,300 hours of clinical experience)

Areas of Expertise

Management and design of health and lifestyle protocols including but not limited to individualized food plans, supplement and lifestyle plans as well as provide support and coaching to all patients

Areas Served (Available -Online)



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Specialized Education and Training

Wholistic Functional Nutritionist Health coaching over the phone and in person. Diet and lifestyle assessment. Health coaching sessions include personalized health building protocols consisting of diet, lifestyle change, detox, stress management and mental wellness and supplement use.