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What is a Wellness Coach and What do they do?

A Comfortable relationship with coach is the key to success

Learning anything is never easy. If you try to learn something on your own, the process becomes more difficult and takes much longer. Persons who are neither curious nor endowed with the ability to reason out the things never learn much because many ideas connected with the subject they are learning do not occur to them at all.

Learning through books too is not easy. It becomes a prolonged process because even single ideas could take you long to grasp, understand and assimilate. And with books, you will go at your own pace. Going by the instinctive tendency of most human beings to keep the things in limbo, more often than not, you will tend to go much slower than when an expert in the subject is guiding you.

The coach teaches you everything

Wellness coaches are much more than a coach for a sporting or physical activity. The sports coach looks after your body, trains your body to perform at the peak of its ability, keeps improving the ability of the body by feeding it with the optimum mix of nutrients and motivates you to produce your best even in the most adverse situations.

Wellness coaches take this attitude to every problem in life and enable you to fight them. They may or may not tell you what to eat. They may or may not prescribe you an exercise schedule. But they will assess your mental capacities, the strength of your character, your inclinations and preferences, your emotional responses, your weaknesses and your fears. They will assess how your physical assets match these qualities. They will work towards improving the fitness levels of both your body and mind.

You got to trust them wholeheartedly
You have to trust them with all your innermost ideas, desires and dreams. The wellness coaches will then help you make the right choices that will have a positive impact on every sphere of your life. They will motivate you to work and attain these aims. It will be their goal to guide you, persuade, coax and compel you to work towards achieving what you, as a complete human entity, wish to achieve and can achieve.

But a wellness coach is not a mental healthcare professional. Although wellness coaches are well aware of the psychological problems like depression and anxiety, they are not experts in those fields. If they find that you are affected by any of these, they will advise you to consult a psychiatrist or a health professional that will help you overcome the problem with counseling and medications. They will know the experts in these respective fields and will advise you on selecting the one who is the right one for you.

Life is full of problems
A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine has found that “educated and experienced fitness professionals” constitute the most important fitness trend, having jumped from the third to the first place within a span of just one year. Personal trainers rose from the seventh to the third place.

People wish to live well. But in stark reality, they face several mental and physical health problems every day because of the combined effects of “overeating, under-exercising and having too little downtime.” So wellness coaches are becoming increasingly popular.

They do what our elders used to do earlier

Normally, such guidance should come to most of you through your parents and grandparents. They know you the best. They wish the best for you. And they know how to motivate you. But with the changing social ways and norms, this is progressively becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible. Now the grandparents hardly have a tender bond with the grandchildren. The parents may or may not have sufficient quality time for the children. And they could be too engrossed in their own life to be able to guide their children along the right lines.

So, most youngsters now need a wellness coach at some phase of life. They may need help in knowing how to trumpet their good points, on how to improve their career prospects, how to balance the demands with the available time, how to decide about the complex issues or how to lead a life without too much of stress.

Open up your mind
This means you have to depend on a professional coach. You have to spend a lot of time with this person. And you have to open out your mind to them so that they can help you in the best possible way. You also have to trust them totally. So the person you select as your wellness coach should be similar to you in some ways. You should be able to strike a relationship that is comfortable in every way.

You should also have the confidence that the coach will help you to realize your potential. And the coach should be a person with a vision that inspires you. The coach should be able to charge you up with energy and determination. The coach should be inspiring.

The coach and the coached-Realistic goals
The coach will set a periodic goal that is realistic. They encourage you to do your utmost during the period and assess the results. The goals do not overawe you. You feel them to be challenging, but attainable. The coaches motivate you to put in sufficient effort. They will modify the program if the results are not along the expected lines. They will praise you and move on if you achieve the results. One important aspect of the working of the coach is that you begin to feel accountable and realize that you have to keep improving all the time.

Respond positively all the time
Trust is a major part of the coach-pupil relationship. You have to accept without reservations that whatever the coach says is for your good and the coach wants you to do it because you can do it. You must respond positively to all such calls for intense efforts and justify the coach’s confidence in you. The coach has the knowledge. You have the energy to do well. Coaches have to wield their knowledge with care and concern for you so that you emerge as a polished, bright figure in every way.

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Advantages of Life Coaching :Getting a Better Way of living

We all want to lead a happy life. The great purpose of our lives is to be happy. What satisfaction really means is special to every last one of us, and more individuals are swinging to a Life Coach to help them find significantly more bliss in their life. A Life Coach can give novel esteem by serving to reflect your actual self-unjudged by the qualities, contemplations, and perspectives of someone else

Google CEO Eric Schmidt , quote about life coaching like this,

“Everybody needs a coach. every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who’s a coach… someone who can help them see themselves as others see them.”

The top advantages of Life coaching are:

Clear sense about what you need, why you need it, and how you can get it.

Once in a while we know precisely where it is we need to run with our lives, and once in a while we know we aren’t glad, however don’t know why. Life Coaching will advantage you by helping you to set objectives you truly need to accomplish, by recognizing what you could do, ought to do, should would and truly like to do.

When you make a perfect objective – something you truly need – you are more prone to make a move to accomplish it. A Life Coach lives up to expectations with you to make an orderly arrangement – a dynamic, workable arrangement empowering you to accomplish your fantasies.

Overcoming any and all hardships between where you are presently and where you need to be

I genuinely accept that on the off chance that you do what you have constantly done, you will get what you have dependably got and to get where you truly need to get you have to do something else. Life Coaching will help you find what you have to do another way and bolster you in your accomplishments.

Procedures and systems which help you to achieve your objective quicker

A Life Coach has numerous instruments and procedures to rapidly draw out the route forward for you. Through coaching, you will find a larger number of alternatives than you believed were conceivable. Mentors will utilize insightful and testing inquiries to help you choose which way is the right one. Having settled on what moves you have to make, the mentor will guarantee that you are 100% dedicated to accomplishing them, and help you manage any obstructions in transit.

Overcome Impediments, low certainty and Insecurities

We all have considerations and assessments about our capacities, going ahead inside our head always. This is normally known as your ‘self talk’. Frequently our self-talk lets us know what we can’t do, why we can’t do it, and the most dire outcome imaginable on the off chance that we attempted – these contemplations are called ‘restricting convictions’ and they stop you making headway. They are contemplations we have about ourselves that are all the time in view of no specific actuality. They are developed after some time from what we are told amid youth, educating and grown-up life. We regularly acquire restricting convictions from family, companions, educators and our associates.

Your constraining convictions can give you low certainty and insecurities and regularly get to be deterrents to accomplishing what you physically can accomplish. Life Coaching will help reveal these convictions and through determination and time you can overcome them. Your mentor will help you with methodologies and strategies to use to change your musings into more positive ones that will empower you to get up and go.

Investigate and assess every single conceivable choice available

Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your objective you have to take a few activities, however which are the right ones for you? At the point when working with your Life Coach, you will be acquainted with apparatuses that will help you find a greater number of choices than you believed were conceivable. You will have the capacity to assess the advantages and disadvantages of every in connection to accomplishing your objective, yet critically to guarantee that the activity fits well with your qualities and convictions and your entire life. You’ll have the capacity to go after more and keep up a healthy lifestyle while doing it. You’ll have more opportunity for individuals and things you esteem, so you’ll feel more satisfied.

Devoted time, bolster, Encouragement and Inspiration

How incredible would it be to have somebody 100% committed to helping you accomplish your fantasy. A Life Coach gives you this committed time; they support you, praise triumphs with you and help persuade you along the way. How regularly do you talk with a companion around an issue and it winds up being about them and what they did. Your Life Coach is just intrigued by you, your objective and supporting you to arrive.

Lastly… Life Coaching is an interest in your future joy; the venture is in respect to an exercise center enrollment, suppers out or a weekend abroad – all of which bring you transient addition. The enormous distinction is that Life Coaching is going to outfit you with apparatuses and strategies that you can utilize over and over.

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