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Be A SHF Personal Trainer




Do you enjoy helping others to transform their lives? If you continue to grow yourself, would
you be better able to serve others? Our Mission at Stronger Health Fitness is to encourage,
motivate and support healthy behavior patterns that promote Stronger Health and Fitness. Our
aim is to ensure Health and Fitness is made accessible to all, irrespective of race, class, gender,
age disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We value Integrity, Accountability,
Professionalism and Teamwork.

At SHF, we believe your ability to help others has a relationship with your own personal growth
and development. It is preferred and relates directly to, your success as a Health and Fitness
professional. In fact, at SHF, it works out best for our clients that your intra personal skill
supersedes interpersonal skill.

For many of our clients are dealing with life, work, and family stress, fears that stop them,procrastination, self-doubt,low self-esteem,financial issues, and overall poor health. Our client’s success depends on your ability to have acquired strong personal health skills, willing to
look at yourself in the “mirror” encompassing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
dimensions of health today. The more complete you are with your own Health and Fitness, the
better prepared you will be to help others. We will train you to do that!

At Stronger Health Fitness you will be working alongside other Nutritionist, Personal Trainers,
Life Coaches and Nurses in an integrated multidisciplinary capacity providing comprehensive
Health and Fitness services.
Personal Trainers will be paired with clients according to their schedule and location. You will
provide personal training instruction to assigned clients. Design and implement exercise
programs. Collaborate with other Health and Fitness professionals and maintain your client
profiles on our software database.
Job Summary**
Personal Trainers at SHF are highly trained professionals with nationally recognized certifications and
extensive backgrounds in exercise physiology at the graduate level and beyond. Anatomically
speaking, no two body types are the same and because of this fact, the necessity of having an
educational background in movement science is imperative, given the multitude of differences in
physiques and health conditions.
Contractors performing Personal Training services for clients shall employ a layered approach to
exercise training, meaning that one exercise movement builds on the other exercise movement.
Contractors should motivate clients by setting clear cut goals and providing feedback and
accountability. Consultants shall employ a variety of methodologies based upon their skills and
experience, from such disciplines as physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, human anatomy
neuroscience and the science of human performance. Theoretical frameworks shall be derived from
five models:
● Endurance performance determined by the capacity of the heart to pump large volumes of
blood and oxygen to muscles to facilitate muscles achieving higher work rates (“cardiovascular
Energy Supply/Energy Depletion
● Performance in events of different duration determined by the capacity to produce energy
(ATP) by the separate metabolic pathways including the phosphagens, oxygenindependent
glycolysis, aerobic glycolysis, and aerobic lipolysis. Superior performance results to be
achieved through a greater capacity to generate ATP in the specific metabolic pathways
associated with an activity.
Muscle Recruitment (Central Fatigue)/Muscle Power
● It is not the rate of supply of substrate (oxygen or fuel) to muscle that limits performance, but
rather the processes involved in skeletal muscle recruitment, excitation, and contraction.
Muscle contractile capacity, the ability to generate force, is not the same in the muscles of all
● Performance based on the muscles’ capacity to act as a spring, reducing the amount of torque
and increasing efficiency. Contractors should assist clients in improving performance through
increased elastic muscle efficiency from slowing the rate of accumulation of metabolites that
cause fatigue.
● Any demonstration of an ergogenic effect of any placebo intervention on exercise would
prove this model contributes, at least in part, to athletic performance.
$50.00 an hour plus transportation
Key Qualifications**
● Highly Ethical, Values, Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Team player a MUST
● Excellent intrapersonal skill
● Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills
Required Experience:
6 months to (1) year; Experienced Trainers Preferred; Good Customer Service Skills a plus
Required Education:
Recognized Certification in Fitness; Exercise Science, Degree preferred;