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Nutritionist at Stronger Health Fitness primary responsibility is to improve the nutritional habits of our clients. Our highly trained nutritionists & dietitians engage clients in nutritional related health problems and primary prevention strategies necessary to the achievement of better nutritional habits. Our nutritionists possess the most up-to-date knowledge concerning the tools of nutrition. Our nutritionist gather both objective and subjective data from biochemical, anthropomorphic and physical to observable changes in appetite, weight, activity levels, food habits, bowel functions, medications, food aversions, intolerance’s, allergies and symptoms related to digestion. In constant observance, our nutritionists are looking for nutritional deficiencies and excesses that effect energy balances in the body. Most of us would agree that 80% of what happens to your health and fitness goals has less to do with your training and more to do with diet and life’s competing demands.

Contractors performing Nutritional services for SHF clients shall engage clients in nutritional and dietary counseling, providing them with strategies necessary to the achievement of their nutritional goals. Contractors should motivate clients by setting clear cut goals and providing feedback and accountability. Consultants shall employ a variety of methodologies based upon their skills and experience.

Contractors shall engage clients in an appropriate assessment of the clients needs and objectives which may include an assessment of the following:

Prior Behavior

  • What attempts have you made in the past to modify or change your diet?
  • What did you learn from these experiences?

Personal Influences

  • What are the personal benefits of achieving a better diet?
  • What problems (barriers) might you have in attempting to change your diet?
  • How sure are you (self-efficacy) that you can overcome these barriers in achieving a better diet?
  • Uncertain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very Sure
  • What foods do you enjoy most?

Interpersonal Influences

  • Do any of your family members or friends expect you to achieve a better diet ? Yes No
    If so, who?
  • Who will encourage you or be with you to the achviement of a better diet?
  • Is anyone in your family or any of your friends a healthy eater? Yes No
    If so, who, and what do they do?
  • Commitment to a Plan of Action? Yes No

Contractor’s Duties:

  • Contractors shall maintain all client related information in the Company’s Booker software or another other software that Company may determine.
  • Create & keep profile updated
  • Know how to schedule/book/check-out appointments at the end of each session using your cellphone
  • Keep client contact logs updated with detailed information of clients progression obtained from initial nutrition assessments, client sessions and S.O.C. questionnaire
  • Assist clients with scheduling/booking and checking-out appointments when needed
  • Contractors shall be solely responsible for the program design for each assigned client.

Every client must have an nutritional plan; designed by the nutritionist; based on findings from initial nutritional assessment; SOC questionnaire and notes from other assigned contractors members involved in clients progress.

Nutritionist should to the extent possible integrate the models used by SHF into their program design

Nutritionist should give clients diet plan and design the plans as they see fit.

Contractors shall coordinate directly with the clients to determine the time and location for the performance of services. Such information shall be recorded in the client’s record on the software designated by SHF.

It is required that all nutritionist wear SHF uniforms or other approved attire when meeting clients.