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Be A SHF Life Coach




Do you enjoy helping others to transform their lives? If you continue to grow yourself, would
you be better able to serve others? Our Mission at Stronger Health Fitness is to encourage,
motivate and support healthy behavior patterns that promote Stronger Health and Fitness. Our
aim is to ensure Health and Fitness is made accessible to all, irrespective of race, class, gender,
age disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. We value Integrity, Accountability,
Professionalism and Teamwork.
At SHF we believe your ability to help others has a relationship with your own personal growth
and development. It is preferred and relates directly to, your success as a Health and Fitness
professional. In fact, at SHF, it works out best for our clients that your intra personal skill
supe rsedes interpersonal skill.
For many of our clients are dealing with life, work, and family stress, fears that stop them,
procrastination, self doubt,low self esteem, financial issues, and overall poor health. Our
client’s success depends on your ability to have acquired strong personal health skills, willing to
look at yourself in the “mirror” encompassing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
dimensions of health today. The more complete you are with your own Health and Fitness, the
better prepared you will be to help others. We will train you to do that!
At Stronger Health Fitness you will be working alongside other Nutritionist, Personal Trainers,
Life Coaches and Nurses in an integrated multidisciplinary
capacity providing comprehensive
Health and Fitness services.
Job Summary**
Life Coaching at Stronger Health Fitness is a program that engages clients in ‘thoughtprovoking’
and creative processes inspiring them to maximizing personal potential as it pertains to Health and
Fitness. Our consultations continuously engage clients in ongoing discussions designed to produce
fulfilling results, improve health and fitness performance and enhance the quality of their lives.
Coaches should recognize that clients are naturally creative and resourceful, thus Coaches should
listen to and observe clients and use such information to customize their approach to individual client
needs. The Coach’s job is to provide support, to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the
client already has.

Coaching sessions at Stronger Health Fitness should be conducted in a comfortable location, lasting
(45) minutes and followed by weekly (30) minute over the phone consultations. The location of the
initial in person session should be determined jointly by the Coach and client.
Our coaching sessions are built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect supported by evidence
and sound data from multiple perspectives resting on a solid foundation. The coach and the client,
work in an alliance to help achieve the agreed upon goals of the ‘coaching engagement’.
$50.00 an hour plus transportation
Key Qualifications**
● Highly Ethical, Values, Integrity, Accountability, Professionalism, Team player a MUST
● Excellent intrapersonal skill
● Excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills
Required Experience:
6 months to (1) year; Experienced Coaches Preferred; Good Customer Service Skills a plus
Required Education:
Recognized Certification in Coaching; Background in Social Science, Degree preferred;