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How Stress Affects Our Ability to Digest Food!

How stress affects our ability to digest food properly?

Eat healthy, exercise steadily to nullify stress
Stress is so obvious in modern life! We may not be able to even imagine a human life without stress. Stress has become a universally common phenomenon. The moment we wake up, a new stress cycle begins. Today’s world is a pretty safe place. There is no danger lurking at every step. But the human body, designed for the life-and-death situations our ancestors faced continuously during their hunting days or even earlier, keeps reacting just like in those days.

The changes that impact digestion adversely originate not in the stomach, but in the brain. When the brain senses an emergency, it shuts off or drastically reduces the blood supply to the muscles involved in the digestion, which it classifies as being of secondary importance in such a situation. In ancient times, such a response used to be a temporary happening. Things would return to normal soon and no one would even notice any change in the digestion pattern. Now the stress factor is in operation all the time. So symptoms showing malfunctioning of the digestion track become common.
The origin of stress
When some brain chemicals like serotonin are modified, they affect your mood. They are also a part of the network that sends signals to the gut. Low serotonin creates stress. But stress too lowers the serotonin level, creating digestion problems.
The body responds to a stressful situation by producing chemicals, whose job is to fight for survival. The adrenal glands secrete hormones called cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are meant to achieve a short burst of energy and heightened clarity about the imminent danger. This fight-or-flight chemical response did save the ancient human beings every day from danger. Although such situations are almost non-existent today, the human body continues to react the same old way.
Pressures of modern life
The reasons behind the common stress we live with today include reaching the workplace late, not getting enough sleep, disagreements among the family members, health and financial problems and an inability to bond with the colleagues. Such stress is almost always chronic. You can never get rid of it completely. Something will always keep going wrong and you will hardly ever have a stress-free day.
But our body continues to respond like it did thousands of years back in the life-and-death situations. It cannot distinguish between the levels of danger posed by the different stressful situations. Thus, the modern human being is almost always in the fight or flight mode. That is bad for the body, especially for the digestion.
Sensitive digestive track
The human digestive tract is hypersensitive to any change. You modify your diet or start sleeping at different hours, your digestive system will respond to the change in different ways. Thus, anxiety and stress keep affecting the digestive behavior of the body all the time. This has been more or less accepted by everybody, so much so that most people are not aware of the anxiety-digestion equation.
The fight or flight response leads to the production of adrenaline on a large scale. This makes it possible for the body to marshal extra energy. Adrenaline mobilizes this energy from the glycogen in the sugar stores. The body processes nutrients at high rates, which is not good for it.
Cortisol effects
It may not be realistic to list all of the ways by which stress affects the digestion. Stress maintains high cortisol levels in the body throughout the day. These high cortisol levels
• Raise blood sugar
• Weaken the immune function and delay the healing or repair processes
• Upset the hormonal balance
• Create more depression and anxiety.
• Change the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the secretion of digestive juices.
• Cause inflammation and inhibit the regenerative ability of the intestinal lining.
• Spasms in the esophagus.
• Increase acid in the stomach leading to indigestion.
• Produce the feeling of nausea.
• Cause diarrhea or constipation.
The bacteria in the intestine are good and bad. The good ones help you to digest the food. Good and bad bacteria must be in the right proportion. Good bacteria are ‘good’ when they are confined to their goodness by the other good bacteria. If the bacterial balance changes, the stomach becomes a victim. Stress affects this bacterial balance and thereby prevents proper digestion and leads to digestive problems.

Sleep deprivation

Apart from stress, a lack of sleep too can lead to the digestive problems. Sleep keeps the body at an optimum energy level. This ensures that the movement of food is at the right pace and the body’s hormone and enzyme production is normal. However, stress makes it harder to sleep. Sleep deprivation means more physical stress and digestive problems. The increased acids in the stomach have an adverse impact on the food digestion. They modify the food in the intestines and spell more stress. Indigestion produces gas, pain and discomfort. Gas causes chest pain, which triggers the stress attacks.
Thus, chronic stress routinely plays havoc with the digestive system. The symptoms of long-time stress include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea or constipation. It can lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in which cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea may occur in varying intensities.
Stress management
There are, of course, ways to manage stress in order to maintain proper digestion and keep your body healthy. Probably the best and the easiest way to do so is physical exercise. This releases the endorphins, relieves stress and changes your mood into a more cheerful one. Jogging is also very effective in dealing with stress.
Other ways to reduce stress include:
• Yoga, meditation, music, biofeedback and hypnosis.
• Talking with friends and loved ones about your stress. Talking with a therapist produces better results. Mental health professionals can teach new coping skills.
• Eating healthy foods, avoiding overeating and junk food and eating foods that are easy to digest.
• Rejecting smoking or alcohol to ease stress
• Rejecting drugs to deal with stress.
• Ensuring you get a sound sleep of 8 hours each day.
• Cultivating a social life so that you do not end up inside your house most of the time.
There is no way we can eliminate stress from the modern life. All that we can try and do is to protect ourselves from it by adopting various options suitable for us. We have to modify our eating habits and lifestyle suitably to ensure that we eat healthy and exercise continuously to be able to lead a stress-free life and to have a smooth digestion.
If you want to learn more about how stress affects our digestions, get in touch with us at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it.
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What is a Wellness Coach and What do they do?

Topic:  What is a wellness coach and what do they do?

A Comfortable relationship with coach is the key to success

Learning anything is never easy. If you try to learn something on your own, the process becomes more difficult and takes much longer. Persons who are neither curious nor endowed with the ability to reason out the things never learn much because many ideas connected with the subject they are learning do not occur to them at all.
Learning through books too is not easy. It becomes a prolonged process because even single ideas could take you long to grasp, understand and assimilate. And with books, you will go at your own pace. Going by the instinctive tendency of most human beings to keep the things in limbo, more often than not, you will tend to go much slower than when an expert in the subject is guiding you.
The coach teaches you everything
Wellness coaches are much more than a coach for a sporting or physical activity. The sports coach looks after your body, trains your body to perform at the peak of its ability, keeps improving the ability of the body by feeding it with the optimum mix of nutrients and motivates you to produce your best even in the most adverse situations.
Wellness coaches take this attitude to every problem in life and enable you to fight them. They may or may not tell you what to eat. They may or may not prescribe you an exercise schedule. But they will assess your mental capacities, the strength of your character, your inclinations and preferences, your emotional responses, your weaknesses and your fears. They will assess how your physical assets match these qualities. They will work towards improving the fitness levels of both your body and mind.
You got to trust them wholeheartedly
You have to trust them with all your innermost ideas, desires and dreams. The wellness coaches will then help you make the right choices that will have a positive impact on every sphere of your life. They will motivate you to work and attain these aims. It will be their goal to guide you, persuade, coax and compel you to work towards achieving what you, as a complete human entity, wish to achieve and can achieve.
But a wellness coach is not a mental healthcare professional. Although wellness coaches are well aware of the psychological problems like depression and anxiety, they are not experts in those fields. If they find that you are affected by any of these, they will advise you to consult a psychiatrist or a health professional that will help you overcome the problem with counseling and medications. They will know the experts in these respective fields and will advise you on selecting the one who is the right one for you.
Life is full of problems
A survey by the American College of Sports Medicine has found that “educated and experienced fitness professionals” constitute the most important fitness trend, having jumped from the third to the first place within a span of just one year. Personal trainers rose from the seventh to the third place.
People wish to live well. But in stark reality, they face several mental and physical health problems every day because of the combined effects of “overeating, under-exercising and having too little downtime.” So wellness coaches are becoming increasingly popular.
They do what our elders used to do earlier
Normally, such guidance should come to most of you through your parents and grandparents. They know you the best. They wish the best for you. And they know how to motivate you. But with the changing social ways and norms, this is progressively becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible. Now the grandparents hardly have a tender bond with the grandchildren. The parents may or may not have sufficient quality time for the children. And they could be too engrossed in their own life to be able to guide their children along the right lines.
So, most youngsters now need a wellness coach at some phase of life. They may need help in knowing how to trumpet their good points, on how to improve their career prospects, how to balance the demands with the available time, how to decide about the complex issues or how to lead a life without too much of stress.
Open up your mind
This means you have to depend on a professional coach. You have to spend a lot of time with this person. And you have to open out your mind to them so that they can help you in the best possible way. You also have to trust them totally. So the person you select as your wellness coach should be similar to you in some ways. You should be able to strike a relationship that is comfortable in every way.
You should also have the confidence that the coach will help you to realize your potential. And the coach should be a person with a vision that inspires you. The coach should be able to charge you up with energy and determination. The coach should be inspiring.

The coach and the coached-Realistic goals
The coach will set a periodic goal that is realistic. They encourage you to do your utmost during the period and assess the results. The goals do not overawe you. You feel them to be challenging, but attainable. The coaches motivate you to put in sufficient effort. They will modify the program if the results are not along the expected lines. They will praise you and move on if you achieve the results. One important aspect of the working of the coach is that you begin to feel accountable and realize that you have to keep improving all the time.
Respond positively all the time
Trust is a major part of the coach-pupil relationship. You have to accept without reservations that whatever the coach says is for your good and the coach wants you to do it because you can do it. You must respond positively to all such calls for intense efforts and justify the coach’s confidence in you. The coach has the knowledge. You have the energy to do well. Coaches have to wield their knowledge with care and concern for you so that you emerge as a polished, bright figure in every way.
To find a perfect wellness coach is difficult; but not impossible. Get in touch with us to achieve the perfect state of mind and body so that you can combat the hurdles and climb the ladder of success in your life. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at You can give it a try with our free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243.
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#10 Nutrition Myths Every American Must Know

10 myths about nutrition every American must know


Sift the fact from fiction before you choose something to eat

Advice is free across the globe. The problem is most people do not know where to stop. They are more confident about their advice than any expert nutritionist or a health professional. They can make the craziest of statements without blinking an eyelid. And when they happen to be owners, promoters or agents of nutrition products, their advice can be more persuasive than the advertisements and obviously, more misleading. But many people hear such things and have no time to think about them or to assess their correctness. They just accept them at face value and are burdened with erroneous myths for long. Here are the top ten myths that every American should be aware of
Myth # 1: Saturated fat is bad for you

Official agencies had recommended against eating too much of saturated fat way back in 1950s because it led to heart diseases. This unsubstantiated view was the generally accepted version for a very long time. This flawed decision has now been proved completely wrong. A 2010 study has established that there is absolutely no association between saturated fat and heart diseases.

In fact, saturated fats offer building blocks for the cell membranes and some hormones that are essential for the normal body functioning. It acts as a carrier for vitamins A, D, E and K. It is also needed to transform carotene into vitamin A and for absorbing several minerals. In fact, your heart’s best choice of fuel is saturated fat. The only warning here is to limit its intake. But we all know that there is no food on this earth that can remain good when consumed in excess and saturated fats is no exception. So, just discard the myth that saturated fat is the main villain for your health! It has a shade of grey with some health benefits. Avocados, cheese, butter, meat, egg yolks, coconut oil and raw macadamia are good source of saturated fat.

Myth # 2: High omega-6 seed and vegetable oils are good for you

Foods processed in vegetable and seed oils are not good for your health; but most Americans consume them in big quantities. This greatly distorts the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Excessive omega-6 fats increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 lower your risk of heart disease. But all the types of polyunsaturated fats are not the same. The omega-6 fats can cause an inflammation of the arterial walls, which is a major reason behind most heart disease. So eat your omega-3s; but avoid the industrial seed and vegetable oils, which raise your risk of disease.

Myth # 3: Artificial sweeteners are safe replacements for diabetics and for promoting weight loss

People use artificial sweeteners to lose weight or because they are diabetic. But they cause more weight gain than regular sweeteners. They can do more harm to the body than sugar for diabetics. The sweet taste of the sweeteners can also increase the hunger. Artificial sweeteners also boost the craving for sweets. They cannot reduce the sugar consumption. They affect the body’s ability to count the calories consumed. Sugar is not healthy as it has empty calories and no essential nutrients. Fructose in the artificial sweeteners prepares us for rapid fat gain and metabolic diseases. Liver turns fructose into fat, which elevates triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It resists the action of insulin and leptin, thus promoting obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Myth # 4: Whole grains are good for everyone

Unfortunately, all grains raise your insulin and leptin levels, increasing your risk of chronic diseases. Many whole grains have gluten, which triggers allergies.

Grains are low in nutrients compared to the foods like vegetables. By binding to the essential minerals in the intestine, the phytic acid in whole grains prevents their absorption. So, don’t get fooled by the claims that whole grains are all good for the health.

Myth # 5: Eggs are bad for your heart

Some people think that eggs are bad because they can bring in heart diseases. Actually, they don’t. It is wrongly believed that the cholesterol in egg yolk is responsible for causing heart diseases. Eggs have no detrimental effect on the cholesterol levels. Egg consumption has no negative effect on the functions of the heart.

An egg has six grams of quality protein and nine essential amino acids. So, don’t hesitate to eat an egg a day!
Myth # 6: Low-fat foods prevent obesity and heart disease “Avoid fat” is the general admonish from everybody. But this fat aversion is leading to ill health, metabolic dysfunctions and even obesity. People have to get 50 to 85 percent of their calories from fat. A very low-fat diet is not good at preventing heart diseases, obesity or cancer. Despite non-stop new researches, low-fat diets continue to be pushed as heart healthy by people with half knowledge! But the fact is most of the low-fat foods that are marketed are processed products containing sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. It is these products that are unhealthy, not the fats that you get from the natural sources. You may eat fats in limited amounts so that your body gets all the essential nutrients rather than eating the so-called low-fat foods.

Myth # 7: Carbs should be your big source of calories

A diet high in non-fiber carbohydrates spells trouble for you by causing insulin and leptin resistance. Most high-carb diets are high in sugar and starch. The high-carb craze followed the low-fat mantra. Sugar replaced the fats. This sugar can lead to inflammation, metabolic dysfunctions, diabetes and heart disease. But the food industry continues to add fructose to everything. This kind of high-carb diet can disrupt your insulin and leptin signaling and result in type 2 diabetes.

Myth # 8: If you do not maintain your diet, the fat cells you had lost earlier become double their size

This is a myth. Everything depends upon what and how much you eat. The fat cells or their number are not affected by what you ate and when you ate or the time gap during which you had been on a strict diet. The fact is when people lose weight, they just reduce the size of the fat cells their bodies have. The number of fat cells in a body is fixed around the age of 15 or 16 and stays constant throughout the life. If you lose weight, these cells lose their fat content. If you gain weight, they increase in size. The number of these cells can, however, grow if you gain so much weight that the cells are not able to support the fat. However, the cells can not grow to the double of their earlier size just because you had been dieting earlier and not doing the same now.

Myth # 9: If you want to remove fat cells from your body, you will have to have an invasive procedure such as liposuction

This is a myth. Liposuction is a procedure performed to remove the fat deposits in the body. It also reshapes some areas and reduces the weight. It removes some fat cells, thus reducing their total number in the body. However, to say that liposuction is the only way out to get rid of your excess fat would be wrong! You can avoid liposuction by sticking to a healthy, balanced diet. An expert nutritionist would be able to guide you in the process of losing fats without having to undergo the knife.

Myth # 10: You can plan your own diet

Yes, of course! Every person has the right to plan his or her own diet. But, what do you do when your TV set doesn’t function normally? What do you do when your car has a breakdown? You seek an expert advice! Similarly, you may plan your own diet as long as your body is functioning well and you are in an overall good health. However, it is important that you seek the assistance of an expert nutritionist if you are facing any health issues, want to lose weight or get into perfect shape!

You can talk to a nutritionist to clear the myths about diet and foods and to get a clear idea about the food that can be good for you and your health. Let us get you started towards achieving your near-perfect health. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your diet and health and offer other services that would make you adhere to it.

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Wellness Coaches Know What is Best for Us Better Than Us!

The goal of every human being can simply be generalized into being happy. There could be as many ways of being happy as there are individuals. After meeting the basic needs, each individual is likely to seek something different in the pursuit of happiness. Many people may even be unaware of what they need to do to be happy. But one of the major factors that go into making us happy is excellent health throughout our life. Something routinely wrong with our body will be a perpetually nagging agony. It will ruin our peace of mind.
A balanced diet, regular exercise, positive frame of mind and an active, but relaxed, lifestyle are mandatory for turning us into a fit and healthy individual. Anyone will then think: “Oh, this is easy…. I can do it on my own… I know what a balanced diet is… I can choose the simple and right exercises and perform them regularly… I can surely boast of my positive outlook. And there is nothing objectionable about my lifestyle…blah…blah…blah…”
But knowing all about a balanced diet does not mean that you will actually have it days after days, months after months, years after year and decades after decades. Mere knowledge is not enough. We succumb to the temptations around too easily. There is no end to the temptations. Junk food, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, sugar, fried foods, dairy products and so much of the non-vegetarian food can be ruinous for your health, if not partaken in moderation.
We think we can manage that. But we allow us a little bit of a leeway once in a while. This frequency goes up and we say, this is an exception. We will compensate for this by eating less than average over the next few days. We even do it for some time. Then, one day we forget to do that. Early in life, a time comes when our eating habits can only be described as bad. That is where a life coach can step in and make sure that you don’t wander off from your path!
Waning enthusiasm
We go through a similar cycle in case of exercise. We begin with enthusiasm. We are quite regular in our workouts. We think about what we need and we design a format right for us.

Things are smooth for quite some time. Then inevitably, there are repeated slippages. We are too busy. We have a lot of extra work. Someone arrives right at the hour of our exercise drill. And there are hundred more plausible reasons for us to skip our exercises just for a day. Then we skip it more often. Soon we cannot say we exercise regularly.

We cannot assert that our exercise is sufficient for the body. A wellness coach will just not allow you to do that! You really need one life coach who can fight off all these excuses for you and make sure you do your workouts regularly!
It’s not easy to keep up with your positive outlook. A positive outlook is a great thing to have. But not all the people are blessed with it. We can develop it with some effort; but it is not easy to keep the flag of optimism flying during the vicissitudes of life. The worst case is the loss of confidence in our own abilities. We simply never feel that we are up to the task, however easy it may be. We keep suspecting that something will always go wrong. We start shying away from challenges. Soon, we find it difficult to perform the most routine jobs. When you have a life coach to guide you, you can be assured that the positivity remains a part of your life forever and ever!

We think we know but we don’t!

Our lifestyle has a major role to play in our fitness levels. Do we get up at the right time? Do we eat at the right time? Do we indulge in long orgies involving sleepless hours, smoking, drugs and alcohol? If we do, can we get out of that vicious cycle on our own? Can we return to the rather staid lifestyle that is required for a fit and healthy life?
Even the most determined, capable and intelligent minds can fall prey to at least some of these devious traps, which abound in our life. It is always better to have a wellness coach to guide, coax and cajole us on the narrow path of fitness through life. Coaches will be more than helpful in many ways. They know each of the fields concerned much better than lay citizens like us. They are much likely to be able to evolve the best regimen for us after observing us for a few days.
The Right Appraisal
The coaches will be able to assess our strength and weaknesses. They will not talk about our weaknesses to us; but they will devise the program that takes due cognizance of our shortcomings, without making us aware of them. They will know your strengths. They will know how to keep you on leash in every aspect of fitness activity. If you start eating too much of prohibited food, they will not only issue a warning, they will initiate measures that will stop your eating sprees. They will know when to allow you some leeway so that you can have your innocent pleasures without losing too much on the fitness front.
Our wellness coaches will listen to your views carefully. They will be more than willing to accommodate your views. They will ask you the right questions. In fact, many of them will get the right answers even before asking questions. They will work in a way that will boost your self-esteem. They will encourage you to take up seemingly difficult tasks and keep encouraging you to achieve them. They will keep setting newer targets. They will keep changing the exercise program and the balanced diet in accordance with our physical and medical condition from time to time. Well… there’s much more to it!
Pressures of life
They will also have tabs on your professional life, business successes or losses, the general level of overall life and also the flow in the intensity of your close relationships and thereby come out with something that will soothe your body and spirit. The coaches will monitor you continuously and push you whenever you fall short of the required level of efforts, without a touch of nagging to their persuasion.

We have to take decisions every day in life. We have to be ready for the consequences. That means pressure. Life coaches make many decisions about our fitness regime and relieve you of much of this tension. They know your needs, why you need them and how you can get them!
Let us get you started towards achieving your near-perfect health with our wellnes coaching program. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it.
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Live Longer

Secrets of Having a Longer Life

Who don’t want a longer life?? Longer life does not mean a happy life but healthy longer life is really something we are all finding. Statistics has shown that in the present world living longer life is one of the most searched topics. There are also many folks to give us tips but I am sure the following secrets are rare and something you are looking for.

 Go to bed a little earlier every day.

 Absence of rest can put you at more serious danger of wellbeing conditions, for example, despondency and coronary illness, as indicated by a recent  medical research.

 But a little change has a major effect – a study from Harvard ­Business School in the US found that for individuals who ordinarily slept for seven hours or less a night, going to bed only one hour before prompted a noteworthy drop in pulse – consequently bringing down their danger of heart assaults and strokes

 Regular Sex is Better

 An extensive Welsh study on life span found that the individuals who engaged in sexual relations not exactly once per month had double the danger of biting the dust rashly than the individuals who had intercourse twice every week.

Beside the medical advantages, couples with a deep and perfect  sexual coexistence can likewise admire seven years more youthful, as indicated by a study by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital – perhaps in light of the fact that sex decreases anxiety, prompting more noteworthy ­contentment and better relax as a result better sleep.

 Avoid Putting Fruits into Fridge

 You may believe you’re making it last more, however studies demonstrate that chilled organic product contains less wellbeing boosting supplements than natural product, which has been kept at room temperature.

For ­example, tomatoes and peppers put away in a dish as opposed to the ice chest can contain twofold the betacarotene and up to 20 times more lycopene.

Which is uplifting news, as high admissions of both these ­antioxidants have been connected to better heart wellbeing and lower rates of specific tumor

Considering Having More Fruits and Vegetables

A late report in the European Heart ­Journal found that individuals who eat eight or more partitions of products of the soil a day have almost a quarter less risk of passing on from coronary illness than somebody who eats just three – the national normal.

This is on the grounds that each and every bit is stuffed with indispensable vitamins and cell reinforcements, which support the safe framework and battle the harm that prompts untimely maturity

 Less Your TV Watching Hours At Night

 After the age of 25, each hour of TV you watch could thump around 20 minutes off your lifespan, say researchers at the US ­National Cancer Institute.

This is thought to be down to the way that the more TV you watch, the more drawn out your body is sat around doing nothing, muscles aren’t practiced and calories aren’t smoldered off – raising your danger of ailment and early death

Stop Smoking Now

 As indicated by a long haul Finnish study, smoking not just abbreviates your life by around 10 years, yet it additionally brings down your personal satisfaction in maturity, as smokers are more inclined to experience the ill effects of weakening sicknesses.

 Considering Use Less Sun Screen But Do Not Be Exposed To Sun

Figures demonstrate that half of individuals in the UK are lacking in vitamin D, the supplement made by the activity of daylight on our skin, ­increasing our danger of a large group of possibly deadly conditions including coronary illness, osteoporosis and malignancy.

To support your ­vitamin D levels without raising your danger of skin growth, Cancer Research UK now suggests getting a couple of minutes (in ­practice around 15 to 20) of sun around the day’s center without sunscreen.

In any case, verify you don’t blaze, or you’ll wipe out any medical advantages

Help Others

 Helping other people not just feels great – it could procure huge wellbeing compensates as well.

A long haul US study found that individuals who volunteered routinely over a lifetime lived essentially more than the individuals who didn’t.

Volunteers additionally experienced less sadness, less agonies and better broad wellbeing

Laugh More

 Laughing helps the insusceptible framework, ­slashes stress hormones and fortifies executioner T-cells, which battle disease.

Be that as it may, as grown-ups we just laugh a normal of five to fifteen times each day, while youngsters can without much of a stretch clock up over a hundred every day laugh sessions

Make Some Good Friendships

Helping other people not just feels great – it could harvest huge wellbeing compensates as well.

A long haul US study found that individuals who volunteered consistently over a lifetime lived essentially more than the individuals who didn’t.

Volunteers likewise experienced less despondency, less torments and better broad wellbeing

Do Not Forget To Floss Each Night

“Gum illness is the most far reaching ­condition on the planet,” says dental specialist Dr James Russell.

“So I say mockingly – floss the teeth you need to keep!”

Furthermore, it’s not simply your teeth that will thank you – in the previous 10 years, studies have connected gum ­disease to an expanded danger of different ­conditions, ­including coronary illness, ­diabetes and certain

These tips can get you a better idea to live longer. Follow these to get a better life also. Routine yourself with your daily works these things to start today.

If you find  it hard  to maintain all these by yourself then do not be upset because Stronger Health Fitness is here for you. Let us get you started towards achieving your near-perfect health. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it. We offer holistic life coaching with our competent International Coach Federation (ICF) – certified coaches.

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Suicide, Depression And Unconscious Eating

To stop overeating, try something that you can do easily

Do we have to define overeating, with clauses and sub-clauses? Overeating is very simplyand completely, plain overeating. Newborns know when to eat. They eat when hungry and stop when satiated. As we grow up,we forget these congenital lessons. We begin to love fancy foods. We indulge in eating extravagantly rich food. We participate in drinking frenzies. We find food being offered as a reward for doing something we are otherwise reluctant to do.

We enter frequent eating competitions with friends. We pride ourselves in eating dozens of cakes or burgers at a time. That means the beneficial-for-life principle of “eating when hungry” and “quitting when satiated” is forsaken for the questionable pleasures of overeating.

Dangerous consequences

Overeating is surely dangerous. It means gaining of weight, tons of it. And as of now, there has been no upper limit set on how much a human body can accumulate. There are people weighing over 600kg. Anyone with a reasonably good height would seem to tend towards obesity with the weight crossing the three-figure mark in kilograms. Their very presence by your side makes you feel uncomfortable. You are overpowered by a sense of fear that you will get crushed to pulp any moment. But, a hundred kg weight is just flyweight for real overeaters. For them, 200 kg is the starting point on the scale. The achievers in this field weigh in the range of 400 kg to 500kg.

Obesity means problems

Obesity is always equal to a hellish new world of health problems. The obese are extremely likely to suffer from high blood pressure, wear and tear of cartilage and bone, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, sleepapnea, high triglyceride levels, coronary heart disease, respiratory problems, gallbladder disease and stroke.

Type 2 diabetes is insulin-resistant diabetes. Diabetes affects the body’s capacity to use insulinand control blood sugar. Once upon a time, it was the adult-onset diabetes. But with incidence of obesity in children going up steeply, even children are now afflicted by type 2 diabetes. And their number is steadily rising. A very significant chunk of the population across the world is suffering from type 2 diabetes. But strangely, many of them are not even aware of the disease they are suffering from.

Reasons and reasons

The question is, why overeat? There is no end to the answers. Persons indulging in compulsive overeating are virtual slaves to the comfort derived from eating when they are tense, depressed or are overcome by a feelings of helplessness. Persons may not be conscious of what or why they are eating during emotional eating.For many people, eating is a joy, which they do not get from any other activity.

According a Yale Universitybrain scientist, “The motivation to consume cocaine for a drug addict is to probably engage in similar circuits, which the motivation to eat junk food is present in a hungry person.” Brain scientists have reached this conclusion after comparing studies of overeating and drug addiction.So, the calming and soothing effects of ice cream or potato chips are real.

Getting away from reality

Often, people are not well-equipped to take in their stride the vagaries of life. They need something to distract them from such disappointments. Food is the easy and obvious choice. Some people let them get too hungry before they start eating. Most of such people end up eating too much without knowing it. The person’s mind is blank during unconscious eating. They keep eating without knowing what they are eating.

And if the fallible and self-contradictory human reasoning is not enough to guess the reasons, people have got scientific reasons defending them against overeating. They say, it is as an eating disorder.Thus, all overeating, unconscious eating and emotional eating, can finally be blamed on an eating disorder that is either inherent in the body nor is a result of some ailment.

Suggestions and more suggestions

If there is no end to the reasons for overeating, the number of remedies for the objectionable eating tends to infinity. Every second person comes out with a suggestion,claiming with supreme confidence that it is the most effective solution.

  • Learn to take adversities in stride.
  • Find other ways to reward yourself for some achievement, other than food.
  • Eat many small meals each day.
  • Discover and express the strength within you.
  • Learn to handle situations where the focus is on food.
  • Care more for what people say than for food at parties. Eat something filling.
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Share your experiences with people in the party.
  • Eat slowly. Sip water between bites. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Be attentive to what you are eating. Enjoy the eating experience. Don’t eat while driving or at the computer.
  • Make the initial bites count. They produce the maximum enjoyment. Stop eating when the enjoyment quantum declines.
  • Use a small plate. The smaller the plate, the smaller the serving.
  • Run away from fats, fried foods and calories like milk shakes, cheese, and chocolate. Choose food that is high in fiber, protein, and water content.
  • If the frequency of your unconscious eating doesnot reduce, ask a friend or the doctor for help. Do not be ashamed. Let them help you in various ways.
  • Do not think about food all the time.
  • Do not think half-hearted about going on a diet. If you are going on a diet, follow it to reduce the weight and then to maintain it at a low level. Let it not be like the persons who lose 500 kg weight in five years and gain it back in the same period.
  • Avoid temptations like junk food, desserts and unhealthy snacks.
  • Exercise regularly. It will help you lose weight, lift your depression, improves health and reduce stress.
  • Fight boredom by taking a walk, calling on a friend, read, or taking up a hobby.

Choose a way that you can easily follow

All these suggestions and intelligent discussions may not inspire you to stop overeating. The only way to do it is to find your way on your own. Get a clear idea of what is happening. Admit to yourself clearly that what is happening is bad for you. Find out the best possible options. Select from those the best one for you. Choose the one with which you are most comfortable. Choose something that you know you can do comfortably. And then do it. Simple!

Do you want more nutritional assistance? Are you finding it hard to get perfect nutritional guidance? Then contact with Stronger Health Fitness today for more insights. Let us get you started towards achieving your near-perfect nutritional assistance. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at You can also give it a try with a free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in ensuring that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it.

At Stronger Health Fitness, our nutritionist and dieticians have completed training in an ACEND-approved program or an advanced degree in a nutritional discipline, have passed their CDR registration examination and/or CBNS exams and have successfully completed their continuing professional education credits.

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Nine Tips for the Women Who Want To Look Younger

Women are so different from each other. Anyone can easily discover the differences and uniqueness every women have. But in spite of these differences all women are facing same type of challenges. But each of the is a combination of bones, flesh, molecules, brain, heart and each of them has their own physical,mental, emotional, financial and professional demand to be met and many of us women often put more importance than their healthy being or doing some exercises or cooking some healthy foods for themselves.
But scenario is changing and women are getting conscious. Women are demanding now youthfulness and they deserve feeling good. Here are 9 very important tips for the women to transform their life through perfect foods, nutrition, exercise. This is a road map without any nonsense advice and over-focusing.

1. Remove sugar.
On the off chance that you have the wish to get old in a rush, sugar should be your first choice. From white sugar, chestnut sugar, and crude sugar to glucose and dextrose, this provocative fixing with numerous names will put your glucose or blood pressure on an exciting ride, abandoning you drained, confounded, and overweight. It’s likewise the adversary of collagen, adding to tired, droopy, more wrinkled skin. Cut refined sugar from your eating routine and you’ll feel a remarkable progress inside and outside.

2.Try not to Exercise excessively.
We all realize that exercise is extraordinary. It reinforces our bodies and our psyches, getting us closer to energy. The body is intended to be in movement, hopping, climbing, running, swimming, moving and extending into a wide range of postures. But what numerous individuals don’t think about exercise is that occasionally toning it down would be best.
Indeed, even 20 minutes of cardiovascular practice most days of the week will give you remarkable advantages, and with regards to lifting overwhelming burdens, short blasts of movement are more viable and lead to less wounds. An excessive amount of delayed activity can create oxidation anxiety/stress that delivers irritation — a no-no for getting back to former days.

3.Eat chocolate regular.
Exactly what you see! You know the level of bliss when your mind is clear and your body phenomenal? That is the force of chocolate. Pick a black chocolate in the range of 85% cocoa to crude and appreciate 25 grams day by day (the likeness around two little squares of chocolate), procuring the satisfaction advantages of poly-phenol and other super fixings.
Raw cacao beans are additionally an extraordinary approach to harvest the advantages of chocolate. Sprinkle pulverized beans on your characteristic yogurt or skyr or mix it into a smoothie.

4. Try not to avoid the sun.
Numerous individuals are apprehensive about the sun today. But there are valid reasons. The dangers of skin disease and aging are genuine and ought to be considered important. The sun is your companion, however she must be regarded!
The diminishing ozone layer has made us more helpless, and the absence of cancer prevention agents from greens and vegetables, great fats, and sound proteins puts us considerably more at danger. The truth of the matter is, alongside a decent sunscreen, you can eat your approach to barrier from the back to front, so you can have the capacity to securely appreciate the sun and every last bit of her advantages.

5.Eat heaps of protein. It’s a wonder nourishment!
A fundamental advantage of protein is its capacity to battle mental infections that make us feel old, similar to gloom and emotional episodes. Include natural eggs, chicken, almonds, tofu, china seeds and goat cheddar to your eating regimen all through whatever remains of the day and feel your vitality levels rise.

6.Get a lot of “sexercise.”
Certainly, running, hopping, swimming and stretching are all vital to looking and feeling more youthful, yet a standout among st the most normal approaches to accomplish a more young gleam is through the workout you get in the bedroom.
The mix of touch, enthusiasm, full breath, development and connective sentiments with yourself and/or your accomplice, discharge flagging atoms, nitricoxide, and endorphin that light up skin and unwind the brain.

7.Be Smile to Your World.
when you need more happiness in your life that radiates through your face and skin, smile at the individuals you meet in the road, the lady sitting close to you on the transport, or remaining by you in line at the airplane terminal. Make it a stride assist and add more unconstrained giggling to your day … and if nothing is clever, make it

8.Clear negative contemplation. 

Those negative thoughts and attestations you make for the duration of the day about yourself, your work, or people around you are nourishment for your body and psyche. These intense messages will be read and enrolled in the mind and you’ll see their belongings each time you look in the mirror. Swinging considerations to a more positive, idealistic tone can take some practice, so while you’re learning, fake it until you make it!

9.Eat your approach to agreeable hormones.
“Hormones” frequently invokes dreams of PMS or menopause, yet the fact of the matter is, there are many hormones assuming fundamental parts in our ordinary lives and they influence the way we look and feel. Hormones influence weight, processing, development, pregnancy, bones, vitality thus substantially more. Envision them as instruments in an ensemble symphony, each tuned to play the same bit of music. In the event that maybe a couple instruments aren’t tuned you all of a sudden have a lousy execution. The way to augmenting your hormone action is equalization.
Begin with eating a greater amount of the great fats from greasy fish and quality vegetable oils, calciferous vegetables, for example, kale and broccoli, and aligns from flax and sesame seeds. If necessary, consider including quality supplements for hormone adjust, for example, magnesium citrate, green tea, sage tea, and licorice root.

So heads up women and start following these exclusive tips. These ways are experimented for long days and so these can give you ultimate solution to your aging.

If you find  it hard  to maintain all these by yourself then do not be upset because Stronger Health Fitness is here for you. Let us get you started towards achieving your life coaching goals. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it. In the Life Coaching Industry today, not everyone is qualified to call their self a life coach. At Stronger Health Fitness, our coaches are ICF Certified, having mastered their coaching competencies, many of which have achieved advanced degrees in the social sciences or related discipline.

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Stop Ignoring The Benefits of Eating Vegetables and Discover a New Way of Perfect Nutrition

Eating vegetables gives awesome health advantages that most of us do not know and ignore– individuals who eat more vegetables and natural products as a feature of a general sound eating regimen are liable to have a lessened danger of some incessant diseases. Vegetables give supplements key to well-being and upkeep of your body.

Supplements :
Most vegetables are normally low in fat and calories. None have cholesterol. (Sauces or seasonings may include fat, calories, or cholesterol.)

Vegetables are vital resources of numerous nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, Folate (Folic Acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Diets rich in potassium can help to keep up solid blood pressure that is healthy and in control. Vegetable wellsprings of potassium incorporate sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white beans, tomato items (glue, sauce, and juice), beet greens, soybeans, lima beans, spinach, lentils, and kidney beans.
Dietary fiber from vegetables, as a feature of a general sound eating regimen, helps diminish blood cholesterol levels and may lower danger of heart diseases. Fiber is vital for legitimate inside capacity. It aides lessen constipation and diverticulitis. Fiber-containing foods, such as vegetables help give an inclination of totality with less calories.

Folate (folic acids) helps the body structure red platelets. Ladies of childbearing age who may get to be pregnant ought to devour satisfactory folate from foods, and moreover 400 mcg of synthetic folic acid from braced sustenance or supplements. This lessens the danger of neural tube deformities, spina bifida, and encephalitic amid fetal advancement and vegetables is one of the most significant source of Folic acid.
Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin sound and serves to secure against diseases. Vitamin C helps mend cuts and wounds and keeps teeth and gums sound. Vitamin C helps in iron assimilation.

Health advantages 

Eating a food rich in vegetables and organic products as a major aspect of a general solid eating routine may decrease hazard for Heart illness, including heart attack and stroke.

Eating an diet rich in a few vegetables and organic products as a major aspect of a general solid eating routine may secure against specific sorts of tumors.

Diets rich in foods containing fiber, for example, a few vegetables and organic products, may diminish the danger of heart diseases, stoutness, and sort 2 diabetes.

Eating vegetables and natural products rich in potassium as a major aspect of a general solid eating regimen may lower blood pressure, and may additionally lessen the danger of creating kidney stones and help to losing bones.

Eating sustenance, for example, vegetables that are lower in calories per glass rather than some other higher-calorie food may be valuable in serving to lower calorie consumption.

So stop ignoring vegetables and make a perfect routine for vegetables. You can also discuss about this issue with your nutritionist. If you need help to figure out how to make a successful system to eat vegetables with regular foods habit you can also try to co0ntact Stronger Health Fitness.  . Let us get you started towards achieving your near-perfect health. Book now and click your way towards a healthy you at Or you may want to give it a try out free 30-minute consultation at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-610-2243. We work hard in maintaining that you stick to what is good for your health and hereby offer other services that would make you adhere to it.

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Advantages of Life Coaching :Getting a Better Way of living

We all want to lead a happy life. The great purpose of our lives is to be happy. What satisfaction really means is special to every last one of us, and more individuals are swinging to a Life Coach to help them find significantly more bliss in their life. A  Life Coach  can give novel esteem by serving to reflect your actual self-unjudged by the qualities, contemplations, and perspectives of someone else

Google CEO Eric Schmidt , quote about life coaching like this,

 “Everybody needs a coach. every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who’s a coach… someone who can help them see themselves as others see them.”

The top advantages of Life coaching are:

Clear sense about what you need, why you need it, and how you can get it.

Once in a while we know precisely where it is we need to run with our lives, and once in a while we know we aren’t glad, however don’t know why. Life Coaching will advantage you by helping you to set objectives you truly need to accomplish, by recognizing what you could do, ought to do, should would and truly like to do.

When you make a perfect objective – something you truly need – you are more prone to make a move to accomplish it. A Life Coach lives up to expectations with you to make an orderly arrangement – a dynamic, workable arrangement empowering you to accomplish your fantasies.

Overcoming any and all hardships between where you are presently and where you need to be.

I genuinely accept that on the off chance that you do what you have constantly done, you will get what you have dependably got and to get where you truly need to get you have to do something else. Life Coaching will help you find what you have to do another way and bolster you in your accomplishments.

Procedures and systems which help you to achieve your objective quicker.

A Life Coach has numerous instruments and procedures to rapidly draw out the route forward for you. Through coaching, you will find a larger number of alternatives than you believed were conceivable. Mentors will utilize insightful and testing inquiries to help you choose which way is the right one. Having settled on what moves you have to make, the mentor will guarantee that you are 100% dedicated to accomplishing them, and help you manage any obstructions in transit.

Overcome Impediments, low certainty and Insecurities.

We all have considerations and assessments about our capacities, going ahead inside our head always. This is normally known as your ‘self talk’. Frequently our self-talk lets us know what we can’t do, why we can’t do it, and the most dire outcome imaginable on the off chance that we attempted – these contemplations are called ‘restricting convictions’ and they stop you making headway. They are contemplations we have about ourselves that are all the time in view of no specific actuality. They are developed after some time from what we are told amid youth, educating and grown-up life. We regularly acquire restricting convictions from family, companions, educators and our associates.

Your constraining convictions can give you low certainty and insecurities and regularly get to be deterrents to accomplishing what you physically can accomplish. Life Coaching will help reveal these convictions and through determination and time you can overcome them. Your mentor will help you with methodologies and strategies to use to change your musings into more positive ones that will empower you to get up and go.

Investigate and assess every single conceivable choice available

Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish your objective you have to take a few activities, however which are the right ones for you? At the point when working with your Life Coach, you will be acquainted with apparatuses that will help you find a greater number of choices than you believed were conceivable. You will have the capacity to assess the advantages and disadvantages of every in connection to accomplishing your objective, yet critically to guarantee that the activity fits well with your qualities and convictions and your entire life. You’ll have the capacity to go after more and keep up a healthy lifestyle while doing it. You’ll have more opportunity for individuals and things you esteem, so you’ll feel more satisfied.

Devoted time, bolster, Encouragement and Inspiration.

How incredible would it be to have somebody 100% committed to helping you accomplish your fantasy. A Life Coach gives you this committed time; they support you, praise triumphs with you and help persuade you along the way. How regularly do you talk with a companion around an issue and it winds up being about them and what they did. Your Life Coach is just intrigued by you, your objective and supporting you to arrive.

Lastly… Life Coaching is an interest in your future joy; the venture is in respect to an exercise center enrollment, suppers out or a weekend abroad – all of which bring you transient addition. The enormous distinction is that Life Coaching is going to outfit you with apparatuses and strategies that you can utilize over and over.

Keep in mind Life Coaching is an interest in yourself and it will advantage your whole life. On the off chance that you have any inquiries please email us, or on the off chance that you might want to book you training sessions and begin getting up and go straight away – click here.

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The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life

Exercise has had a Goldilocks problem, with experts debating just how much exercise is too little, too much or just the right amount to improve health and longevity. Two new, impressively large-scale studies provide some clarity, suggesting that the ideal dose of exercise for a long life is a bit more than many of us currently believe we should get, but less than many of us might expect. The studies also found that prolonged or intense exercise is unlikely to be harmful and could add years to people’s lives.

No one doubts, of course, that any amount of exercise is better than none. Like medicine, exercise is known to reduce risks for many diseases and premature death.

But unlike medicine, exercise does not come with dosing instructions. The current broad guidelines from governmental and health organizations call for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to build and maintain health and fitness.

But whether that amount of exercise represents the least amount that someone should do — the minimum recommended dose — or the ideal amount has not been certain.

Scientists also have not known whether there is a safe upper limit on exercise, beyond which its effects become potentially dangerous; and whether some intensities of exercise are more effective than others at prolonging lives.

So the new studies, both of which were published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine, helpfully tackle those questions.

In the broader of the two studies, researchers with the National Cancer Institute, Harvard University and other institutions gathered and pooled data about people’s exercise habits from six large, ongoing health surveys, winding up with information about more than 661,000 adults, most of them middle-aged.

Using this data, the researchers stratified the adults by their weekly exercise time, from those who did not exercise at all to those who worked out for 10 times the current recommendations or more (meaning that they exercised moderately for 25 hours per week or more).

Then they compared 14 years’ worth of death records for the group.

They found that, unsurprisingly, the people who did not exercise at all were at the highest risk of early death.

But those who exercised a little, not meeting the recommendations but doing something, lowered their risk of premature death by 20 percent.

Those who met the guidelines precisely, completing 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise, enjoyed greater longevity benefits and 31 percent less risk of dying during the 14-year period compared with those who never exercised.

The sweet spot for exercise benefits, however, came among those who tripled the recommended level of exercise, working out moderately, mostly by walking, for 450 minutes per week, or a little more than an hour per day. Those people were 39 percent less likely to die prematurely than people who never exercised.

At that point, the benefits plateaued, the researchers found, but they never significantly declined. Those few individuals engaging in 10 times or more the recommended exercise dose gained about the same reduction in mortality risk as people who simply met the guidelines. They did not gain significantly more health bang for all of those additional hours spent sweating. But they also did not increase their risk of dying young.

The other new study of exercise and mortality reached a somewhat similar conclusion about intensity. While a few recent studies have intimated that frequent, strenuous exercise might contribute to early mortality, the new study found the reverse.

For this study, Australian researchers closely examined health survey data for more than 200,000 Australian adults, determining how much time each person spent exercising and how much of that exercise qualified as vigorous, such as running instead of walking, or playing competitive singles tennis versus a sociable doubles game.

Then, as with the other study, they checked death statistics. And as in the other study, they found that meeting the exercise guidelines substantially reduced the risk of early death, even if someone’s exercise was moderate, such as walking.

But if someone engaged in even occasional vigorous exercise, he or she gained a small but not unimportant additional reduction in mortality. Those who spent up to 30 percent of their weekly exercise time in vigorous activities were 9 percent less likely to die prematurely than people who exercised for the same amount of time but always moderately, while those who spent more than 30 percent of their exercise time in strenuous activities gained an extra 13 percent reduction in early mortality, compared with people who never broke much of a sweat. The researchers did not note any increase in mortality, even among those few people completing the largest amounts of intense exercise.

Of course, these studies relied on people’s shaky recall of exercise habits and were not randomized experiments, so can’t prove that any exercise dose caused changes in mortality risk, only that exercise and death risks were associated.

Still, the associations were strong and consistent and the takeaway message seems straightforward, according to the researchers.

Anyone who is physically capable of activity should try to “reach at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week and have around 20 to 30 minutes of that be vigorous activity,” says Klaus Gebel, a senior research fellow at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia, who led the second study. And a larger dose, for those who are so inclined, does not seem to be unsafe, he said.

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