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What Our Customers Say

“Along with personal training, I’ve met with a Dietician and Wellness Coach. I honestly feel that their holistic approach to fitness is the most effective. it’s great having this super team of professionals working together to get me healthy”.

Kyle Wagner

Kyle Wagner

“As a corporate professional working in Network Television, my self-image is everything. imagine my concern after gaining 20 lbs from all of the daily stress. I signed -up for the Wellness, Nutritionist, Trainer package and I am so happy that I did”.

Matthew Claiborne


“I’m in-house counsel. I have a very demanding and stressful job. I have found that I have become much calmer at work just after a few sessions working with my Life Coach!”

Yin Wu

SHF Fitness Testimonials

“Stronger Health Fitness has played a huge success in my weight loss. Prior to SHF I would go to the gym and see no results. I signed up for the package that included Nutrition, Life Coaching, and Personal Training and each one played an integral part in my very busy schedule. At your first consultation they will take the time to match you with the right person to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend my three consultants because they all went above and beyond my expectations”.

Maureen Alvarez

SHF Fitness Testimonials

“I realized that training is not the entire story when working towards total fitness. Training/Fitness is more than exercise – it is diet, lifestyle and personal outlook combined”.

Cynthia Withers

SHF Fitness Testimonials

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